Cleancut Neck Pickups

Cleancut Neck

P90 tone with an extra dose of clean chime.

Humcutter Cleancut Neck Pickup
Humcutter Nuevo 90 Neck Pickup

This version is tone and volume optimized for the neck position. A hybrid design that has the punch of a P90, but the tone is cleaner and leaner with more treble chime and less mids for an open and percussive sound. Great for retro rock, surf, rockabilly, country, or any style where beefy twang is the thang.

Model: CL-N
K Ohms: 7.0
Wire Gauge: 42
Magnet: Ceramic
Use with: Any of our bridge humbuckers or bridge humcutters

Tone Comparison Chart PDF

Railhammer Pickups Cleancut Bridge / Neck Demo

Watch the Cleancut Bridge and Neck pickups in action.

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