With rails under the wound strings for tight clear lows and poles under the plain strings for soaring highs, Railhammer humbuckers deliver incredible tone like no other pickup.


Humbucker Hyper Vintage Bridge Pickup
Hyper Vintage Bridge

Warm, vintage PAF vibes
with a modern twist.

Humbucker Chisel Bridge Pickup
Chisel Bridge

Fat and mean with superb clarity.

Anvil Bridge

High-output bombast
but with clarity to spare.

Humbucker Alnico Grande Bridge Pickup
Alnico Grande Bridge

Hot, thick, and balanced with outstanding sustain.

Humbucker Bob Balch Signature Bridge Pickup
Bob Balch Bridge

Beefy yet articulate,
fuzz-friendly badass.

Humbucker Kyle Shutt Signature Bridge Pickup
Kyle Shutt Bridge

Thick and juicy with
smooth clear highs.

Reeves Gabrels Signature Bridge Pickup
Reeves Gabrels Bridge

Glistens clean and
screams dirty.


Hyper Vintage Neck

A mush-free tone zone.

Railhammer Humbucker Chisel Guitar Neck Pickup
Chisel Neck

Warmth and aggression
meet killer clarity.

Humbucker Bob Balch Signature Neck Pickup
Bob Balch Neck

Warm, thick midrange tones,
perfect for the fuzz.

Reeves Gabrels Signature Neck Pickup
Reeves Gabrels Neck

Vintage vibes with an
extra touch of warmth.

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