Nuevo 90 Bridge

Raw, vintage P90 tone with a modern twist.

Humcutter Cleancut Bridge Pickup
Railhammer Humcutter Nuevo 90 Bridge Pickup

Classic vintage P90 tone with all the fat lower mids, raw attack, and greasy goodness you’d expect, but with the tonal balance and enhanced response of the Railhammer design. Perfect for blues, classic rock, old-school punk, or any player looking for that vintage P90 vibe, but better.

Model: NU-B
K Ohms: 9.0
Wire Gauge: 42
Magnet: Ceramic
Use with: Any of our neck humcutters

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Railhammer Pickups Nuevo 90 Bridge Demo

See why the Nuevo 90 Bridge delivers some of the best P90 tones around.

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