"I play a lot of different styles and tones live, on TV and in the studio
backing up at least four artists a week. I can go between Country, Soul,
Funk, Jazz and Blues within a few hours. These pickups (Alnico Grande
bridge / Hyper Vintage neck) make it easy to dial up the sound out of any
amp I need to make a living"
James Anthony - Blues Artist, Studio Musician, Pro Sideman

"The Railhammer is something of a breakthrough. The unwound strings
sound fatter - you really notice it as you go up the neck - and the wound
strings have incredible definition, even if you palm-mute"
Reeves Gabrels - The Cure, Tin Machine

"I took it to Fu Manchu practice last Thursday. Best sounding guitar I've
ever had. The lows are really solid. Dig it! Thanks so much!"
Bob Balch - Fu Manchu

"Joe! These pickups are ridiculous! Sooo good....getting ready to write
a review, I'll put it on my wall and tag you, THANK YOU!"
Bobby Schneck - Slash, Aerosmith

"I have to say, they are just phenomenal. The pick-ups are just playing
like a dream! My first choice whether I'm in the studio or playing live"
Eden Gallup - In Tyler We Trust

"I am so amazed by these pickups. They are the best ever I have
played with. My guitar is like a weapon and I got full control. I knew
they were good. But this is crazy"
Patte Carlsson - Fretless

"Railhammers' Hyper Vintage neck and bridge pickups deliver the goods"
Lisa Sharken - Vintage Guitar Magazine

"Extreme output, yet transparent tone. You get a sense of 'air' between the
low strings, and quite thick, punchy highs and screaming harmonics"
Anvil Review at Stewart-MacDonald

"I am pro player for many years, but this will be the first thing I change in
any guitar that's handed to me from now on. Yes, it's that good"
Chisel Review at Stewart-MacDonald

"The difference was immediate and for the better! The neck pickup is
now usable on its own for overdriven chord work and riffing. The bridge
pickup has plenty of bite still, but I got the clarity I was looking for without
sacrificing the character of the guitar. Very happy"
Hyper Vintage Review at Stewart-MacDonald


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